Saturday, November 26, 2011

adventures in pinterest...or not?

originally, i planned to make this a totally Pinterest inspired blog...i'd write about the different things i was trying via my friend's pinboards...
however, i'm also not entirely oblivious to the fact that while i have great ambitions to begin large projects, such as these, i rarely complete them.
so, i figured that if i started a blog that included every day life too, i could probably keep up. because let's be honest...the idea of me working my through pinterest frightens even the bravest of men.
either way...since i said i would include SOME of my adventures in pinterest...

tonight i made a delicious, mini mug cake for ONE! (this can be used as a much need afternoon pick me up for all the hard workin' ladies in the houuuuse.)

super easy...and when i say super easy, i mean...daaaang. that literally took me two minutes.

1 egg
2-3 tbsp of cocoa
1/4 powdered sugar
a small handful of milk chocolate chips, walnuts, sprinkles
and/or a dollop or whipped cream, caramel, or ice cream
1 tea mug
(i say tea mug, meaning a small regular coffee mugs rival the pacific ocean...keep that in mind as you begin to follow this blog please)

crack your egg in your mug (scoop out eggshells...errr)
add the cocoa and powder sugar and beat/whisk until the mixture is smooth and creamy
pop the concoction in the microwave for 50-60 seconds...

and Voila! top with the topping of your choice and you've got an ooey gooey chocolate cake JUST for you.

(moms, yes, it's completely acceptable to eat one after breakfast, one during nap time, after lunch, during second nap time, and before hubby gets home from work, and again after hubby passes out on the couch, snoring away like mine.)

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