Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teriyaki and Timing!

yikes! more catching up! I'm a terrible blogger.
sorrrrry. but i've been cooking alot and there's a few tried and true recipes that I'VE GOT TO SHARE! so grab some coffee, and maybe a notepad.
first of all, here's my menu for this week, i start on Tuesday, because that's my first day off of the week, and the easiest for me to make a plan, go shopping, and get started. find your easy day! also, i take a night off each week and we just grub, we'll make a frozen pizza, or just fend for ourselves. I'm going out with a few friends tomorrow night (Thanks, Hubs!! XOXOX) and Mario and Em are doing their
own thing. 

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread
Wednesday: Simple Asian Noodles
Thursday: Slowcooked Cilantro Lime Chicken on tortillas with rice
Friday: OFF!
Saturday: Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes
Sunday: East Meets West Burgers
Monday: Hot Sliders with Fries

first, i'm going to share the simple asian noodles recipe i found on's the link to the original recipe, Eat at Home. This is a great site full of simple, quick meals. both of which i am a HUGE fan. i like simple. i like quick. i'm not a masterchef, and don't pretend to be. ;)

so...basically, i followed the directions exactly so... I bought a broccoli stir fry bag ($1.50), Chicken Breasts, (i already had some, that i've stretched into 4 meals. so, $9 spent on chicken that's lasted four meals...yeyah!), a bottle of teriyaki sauce (LaChoy, super delicious, and only $2), and angel hair pasta (again, went cheap, $1!) a whole meal, that fed Mario, Emma and I with a little left over for a grand total of about $6 and some change? sold. 

so there's your, start your water a'boilin'! add your pasta, just like you would for any other recipe. then chop those thawed out breasts into little squares/cubes/whatever, sauté them with a little oil, until throughly cooked...remove from pan, add a LITTLE more oil (i use as little as possible because, well, it's healthier without it and it kinda grosses me out). then you're going to wait for the oil to heat up, and add your frozen stir fried veggies. cook them until tender, add the chicken back, and start up the Teriyaki! ;) I did NOT measure how much I used...but i can say, it was about 1/2 a cup I'd guess. it was enough that at first i was like, "ooo, crap. i hope i didn't add too much!"....but when i then, drained the noodles, and added THEM into the pan, it was a nice golden brown color and the teriyaki sauce was not overwhelming AT ALL. it was actually really quite perfect! voila! dish it up, and watch your family ATTACK! Y'all should have seen Emma slurping up those noodles! too cute! here are some visuals....
i adore beautiful cooked veggies, so colorful! 
dinner is served! so yummy, and not bad lookin' if i say so myself!

I also want to feature an AMAZING fruit salad, one of my dearest friends gave me the recipe for. and she'll probably laugh at me again for being so excited about this, but this salad was so good, you could eat it, instead of ice cream! brilliant substitute!
 Anyway, here's the ingredients....
1 red apple, 1 green apple, raisins, a sliced up banana, chopped walnuts, honey, plain yogurt, and cinnamon. just chop everything into bite size pieces, add  your plain yogurt, then cinnamon, then honey, to taste, and enough to coat your fruit! so simple, SO good. I never thought to add yogurt to fruit salad before. the beauty of this, is that you can add whatever fruits you have handy, and it's healthy!
 My little family ate it up! just a tip, don't make a huge batch, you'd think you could just throw it in the fridge, but it gets slimy and the fruit turns brown pretty quick!
fruit = dessert!
well, be on the look out for more recipes and stuff...I've been busy busy with my little family, and work, and play :) of course! I'll be posting some pictures I took lately, on my iPhone (if your not paying attention to should be), including some from our most recent family outing to Bridge-O-Rama, a new bridge opening, here in well as some of our recent Spring Showers! :)

As usual, God is constantly at work...i'm always amazed and a little baffled at what he does, when we are least deserving of it. Most recently, God has revealed how He does everything in HIS time...not ours. We see things that are happening, feeling lost, confused, and hurt...and while it could be a matter of minutes, hours or in my case, YEARS later...God is faithful and reveals His perfect plan, showing how sometimes, you've gotta go through some rough things, to learn how to grow closer to Him and also, just HOW to deal with stuff later...
He seriously, boggles my mind sometimes. and I LOVE IT. Has He boggled you lately? share your testimony with me! <3

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